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TPM Wear(e)able

The first year of the Wear(e)able project is now over and so the partners met from the 2nd to the 3rd February 2021 (unfortunately online instead of in Lithuania in person) to evaluate the first project year. The first milestones are now almost completed and only need some final refinement. Thus, in the first project year:

  • young people’s access to fashion and the need for awareness raising was evaluated.
  • best-practice examples on sustainable fashion in the project countries were collected and country-specific differences were elaborated
  • an interactive, haptic game and online and offline learning materials on the topic were developed
  • an online youth training event was held to raise awareness among young people about the fast fashion industry and the problems it causes, such as microplastic pollution and increasing waste, and to teach them about sustainable clothing.

Another major point of the meeting was to discuss and plan the next steps.  The project team is looking forward to an exciting second project year.